Yoga Class offerings – 2019

Each Yoga Class is offered once every 2 months at least.  Once you take one of our classes then you can participate in guided workouts at our location.  To view scheduled classes for these yoga offerings please click here

Yoga for Balance (Upa Yoga)        Beginner

This is an effective process which is a simple yet powerful exercise system which activates the joints, muscles, and energy system.  Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upayoga brings great ease to the whole system.  It relieves physical stress and tiredness.  Upayoga activates the energy system creating storehouses of energy in the joints resulting in alertness and liveliness.

Degree of difficulty:  3 on a 10 point scale where 1 is easy and 10 is difficult.

Directional Movement of the Arms, Circular arm exercise, Knee Rotation, Squatting, Neck exercise, Patangasana, Shishupalasana, Nadi Vibhajan, Veerabadrasana, Nadi Shuddhi.

Instruction time:  3 – 4 hours.  Can be scheduled over 2 days or 4 days.

Requirements:  Light stomach encouraged but not mandatory except for Patangasana through Veerabadrasana.

Yoga Fitness (Angamardana)          Beginner

This is a system rooted in yoga that offers to everyone the opportunity to reach peak physical and mental health.  The name means to gain mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body.  This practice revitalizes the body on all levels including the muscles, blood circulation, skeletal structure, nervous system, and the basic energy system.  It strengthens the spine, builds physical strength, fitness and tenacity, taking years off the body.  It can be practiced anywhere.

Degree of difficulty:  5

Standing Postures:  seven, Squatting postures:  eight, Sitting postures:  five, Lying down postures:  seven, Veerabadrasana, Shavasana, Kundalini Kriya, Dhyanam.

Instruction time:  12 hours.  Can be done on a once or twice per week basis.  Three day 4 hours per day could be done.  Review would be needed some weeks later.

Requirements:  Empty stomach condition.  No practice at home until instruction is complete.

Surya Kriya                   Beginner, Advanced, Continuous practice

This is an ancient practice from which Surya Namaskar derived.  Being a “kriya”, the practice is an inner energy process that leads to complete physical health and mental wellbeing.  Surya Kriya is taught and practiced in a highly committed atmosphere with deep devotion and reverence.

Degree of difficulty:  beginning:  3, advanced:  5.

Practice consists of 21 postures done slowly with patterned breathing.

Instruction time:  8 hours.  4 sessions is recommended.

Requirements:  Committed students and atmosphere.  Empty stomach.  No practice at home until instruction is complete.

Surya Shakti               Beginner, Continuous practice

This is a practice derived from Surya Kriya and is a shorter process that is repeated up to 108 times (1.5 hours).  It is relatively strenuous when performed quickly.

Degree of difficulty:  beginning:  3, advanced:  5.

Practice is similar to Surya Namaskars.  Can work up to 108 repetitions.

Instruction time:  4.5 hours.  Three sessions is recommended.

Requirements:  Empty stomach condition, committed students and atmosphere.

Asana practice            Basic, Advanced

The study of asanas is the study of special postures which are referred to as yogasanas.  These postures have been identified over thousands of years as being doorways to access your highest inner possibility.  According to Sadhguru, each yogasana can transport the practitioner to higher states of consciousness.  Asanas are taught and practiced in a highly committed atmosphere.  Asana instruction is offered in beginning and advanced levels.

Degree of difficulty:  beginning:  5, advanced:  7

Practice consists of:  Standing Postures – 4, Lying Down Postures – 7, Sitting Postures – 3, Inverted Posture – 1, Spinal Twist – 3, Bandhas – 3

Instruction time:  7 hour and a half sessions is recommended.  About 12 hours of total instruction time


Non physical practices

Bhuta Shuddhi     This is a daily practice which enables the student to begin to balance the five elements within the body.  The five elements are earth, fire, water, air and space.  When these elements are brought into balance the practitioner begins to see how these elements function in the body and can gain mastery over them.  This practice requires a kit of supplies from Isha Foundation.

Isha Kriya             This practice is a process guided by Sadhguru which can be practiced by anyone who is able regardless of yoga experience.  When practiced on a regular basis it can bring considerable wellbeing in both body and mind.

Lifestyle Changes for Balance    This is a two hour session that delivers an amazing amount of information about how to bring balance to the elemental forces active within the body.  These concepts and understandings form the basis for bringing balance to your life in a myriad of ways.

Nada Yoga            This practice uses the power of sound to activate a particular kind of energy in different parts of the body, bringing a lasting sense of inner pleasantness.  This science of benefiting from certain sounds is a powerful possibility, which when transmitted with the necessary basis and sanctity, creates tremendous general and spiritual wellbeing.

Mantra Yoga        AUM chanting allows the student to utter the universal or most basic sound in the existence.  This is a powerful practice that aligns the three fundamental aspects of the system – body, mind and energy – leading to a more profound experience of life.  AUM chanting has many benefits and creates a powerful basis for further inner exploration.

Meditation           Several guided meditations have been made available by Sadhguru for use in the hatha yoga setting.

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