Welcome to Spiritual Yoga

What do we mean when we say “spiritual”?  My Guru, Sadhguru says that any experience beyond the physical is called spiritual.  Yoga is a technology that is used as a tool to help a person grow to a point where they experience something beyond the physical dimension of life.  Yoga is a very powerful set of technologies and is not to be practiced casually or improperly.  It is this concern that has led my guru to finally get into the Hatha Yoga business after more than 20 years of teaching other aspects of yoga.  It is our privilege here at Spiritual Yoga to be the recipient of Sadhguru’s grace to allow us to share the technology of Hatha Yoga with seekers of higher states of consciousness.  Please join us in our dream of a world of love, joy, laughter, and peace.  It is our hope and blessing that we can serve you as you walk your path.

Spiritual Yoga staff.